How Can They Live With Themselves?

I am outraged.

It’s now able-bodied accepted that big pharma pays off doctors apropos the assurance of drugs, including opioids, which is causing the top afterlife assessment from these drugs.

It’s not as able-bodied accepted that the SSRI antidepressant drugs are aswell partly amenable for the accumulation shootings. Every accumulation ballista has been on one of these drugs, which accept been apparent to could could cause violence.

It’s now appear to ablaze that abundant politicians accept been paid millions of dollars by the NRA to vote adjoin gun ascendancy legislation, even admitting the all-inclusive majority of Americans wish gun control.

How can these humans reside with themselves in the face of the academy shootings and added accumulation shootings? How can money be added important to them than the activity of a adolescent or an adult?

I cannot appreciate this.

Money In Politics Is Ruining Our Country

Years ago, if I was traveling in Europe, I apparent that in the Scandinavian countries, if anyone runs for office, he or she gets chargeless according time on TV to accompaniment their belvedere – and that’s it for campaigning. They don’t charge the huge attack funds to run for appointment that politicians charge in the US. Anyone can run for appointment and the humans get to adequately accept amid them.

Things would be actual altered in our country if money and acquisitiveness were not a allotment of our political system.

When money becomes added important than adulation and caring, we are in big trouble, and we are absolutely in big trouble. What will it yield for humans to apprehend that we are actuality on the planet to advance in adulation and to apparent love? How abounding accouchement charge to die in academy shootings for humans to do something about the drugs and accoutrements that are far too available?

Aside From Guns, Aliment And Drugs Are Aswell Killing Us

I am crestfallen over how abounding humans are dying, not alone from opioid overdoses and added drugs that ruin people’s guts, but from the clutter aliment that passes as aliment in our grocery stores, and from the GMOs and added pesticides, antibiotics and hormones that abounding advantage are abounding with – causing cancer, affection disease, diabetes and autoimmune diseases. These drugs and food-like articles accept been apparent to actualize toxicity in the gut which goes to the brain, arch to all-overs and abasement – and again on to the drugs that can could could cause violence. Can you see how all this is connected? And it all comes from greed.

How can these aliment manufacturers, branch farms, big pharma, and companies like Monsanto reside with themselves? How can the admiral of these companies beddy-bye at night alive that millions of humans are accepting aria to through their aliment and biologic commercials, abnormally those aimed at children? How can they reside with themselves, alive that they are advisedly killing humans due to their greed?

What has happened to these humans that they cannot feel the affliction of the families accident their accouchement due to affliction from clutter food, or from biologic balance or from academy shootings?

Yes, I am affronted and crestfallen about the abridgement of adulation and caring for anniversary added that is aggressive not alone a allotment of politicians, big pharma, aliment manufacturers and branch farms, but aswell with the allowance companies who are now active how doctors amusement their patients.

How Can Drug-Pushing Doctors Reside With Themselves?

Conventional doctors who are allotment of a medical association that is basically run by allowance companies, now accept 15 account to see anniversary accommodating and are accepting pushed by their corporations to see added and added patients in a day. And what do they about accept to offer? Drugs! No admiration so abounding doctors are now affairs abroad from demography allowance and acceptable babysitter doctors who yield their time with their patients. No admiration abounding doctors are now accepting accomplished in anatomic anesthetic so that they can amusement the basis causes of affliction rather than artlessly alleviative affection with drugs. The Anatomic Anesthetic Center at the Cleveland Clinic has developed rapidly over the endure few years and now has a cat-and-mouse time of over six months. Humans are accepting smarter and now wish absolute advice rather than just drugs.

It’s traveling to yield the humans of our admirable country accepting smarter and demography adventuresome steps, for things to change.

You have to be activity as bad as I do over all this. But we can all do something by aboriginal acquirements to adulation ourselves through our Inner Work practice, and again accepting role models of administration our adulation with others. Adulation heals, and the added of us who appear from love, the faster this much-needed aggregate healing will occur.